Performing Arts Series: Barrio Manouche

Friday February 14, 2020

7:30 pm

Macey Center

$16.00/Adult, $14.00/Senior, $8.00/Youth

About the Show

Barrio Manouche plays music inspired by the places they come from and the places they have lived, those that have come before, and the nomadic spirit. They believe that music is a primary form of expression and use it to describe the world as they see it.

“Tocamos la música inspirada por los barrios en donde nacimos y en los que hemos vivido después, aquellos que nos preceden, basada en el espíritu nómada. Creemos que la música es una forma expresión y la utilizamos para contar como vemos el mundo.”

The San Francisco-based acoustic ensemble performs a repertoire of original compositions with an emotionally charged sound that is difficult to classify yet instantly recognizable. The group’s international roots shine brightly in their music with members from Spain, Quebec, France, Brazil and California and is deeply influenced by a wide range of musical traditions.  Barrio Manouche has been ecognized for its surprise concerts, innovative style, complex technique, and its passion for musical improvisations.  With latest collaborations including French Flamenco dancer Fanny Ara, African sacred dance Brazilian dancer Emaye Ama Mizani, as well as Colombian singer Iván Rondón, Barrio Manouche plays what is perhaps the truest definition of World Music.  Barrio Manouche is taking their audience on a magical journey, with a unique fusion of cultures and musical backgrounds, an auditory and visual feast like no other.  “Barrio Manouche makes magical acoustic music mashed together from all corners of the globe — a new form of Americana, if you will, where flamenco guitar drifts above Brazilian beats, clashing with Gypsy-jazz melodies. It could very well qualify as Americana in another decade or two. Or maybe its rich, gorgeous blend of acoustic Latin-French jazz will always remain distinctly Barrio Manouche.” — Aaron Carnes

About the Artist

Javi Jiménez – guitar and vocals; Alex Zelnick – guitar; Luis Jiménez – cajón and percussions; Gary Johnson – bass; Cyril Guiraud – saxophones and caxixi; Magali Sanscartier – violin, vocals and percussion; Fanny Ara – dance, palmas, castanets and vocals; Emaye Ama Mizani – dance and percussion

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